In the past few years, WEB3, which is said to be the next generation of the Internet, has been attracting attention because it implements a mechanism that directly supports economic activities in the Internet infrastructure itself, called protocol, rather than in applications. This is said to allow a variety of organizations to build agile business systems.

However, since the basic technologies for WEB3, including blockchain, are difficult to understand and its architecture is very different from that of conventional information systems, it is not easy for users, such as companies and governments, and developers with technology to share the original purpose of system development, use cases, and the process of system realization. 

Therefore, Synergy Research Corporation has decided to start an effort to make the WEB3 system easy for everyone to understand, using the requirements development techniques, object modeling, project management, and other methods we have cultivated (see reference books here). Synergy Research Corporation( has decided to start an effort to make the WEB3 system easy for everyone to understand.

Specifically, we plan to offer the use of these methods as a “WEB3 Business Modeling” service for specific WEB3 projects and their conceptual stages. Furthermore, in the future, we would like to expand this service to include the development and implementation of WEB3 systems.

We will announce the current status of our efforts at seminars and through our website as needed.

The following industry sectors are envisioned for WEB3 applications

  • Financing
  • Urban Revitalization and Regional Development
  • Real Estate Microlotage
  • Food Distribution
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Other

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