• Synergy Research Corporation is a company that specializes in the provision of consulting on software development. Based on user requirements, we gather together personnel from software development houses and flexibly organize teams that can guide software development projects through to a successful conclusion. In the future, we anticipate moving ahead with support projects that will bring users and developers ever closer together.

    Companies often have their first encounters with software development houses at RFP (request for proposal) briefings and the like, but such occasions do not really provide much opportunity for either party to learn much about each other, and it is not infrequent that the lack of time for interaction leads to the conclusion of contractual agreements under circumstances that could be best described as being tense and coldly formal.

  • ユーザー企業と開発企業の結びつきを支援する仕事も進めていきたいと考えています。

  • 開発者は国内に限定されることなく、さまざまなイベントを機会としてシナジー研究所は各種のスキル・専門分野を持つ開発者との交流を広げていきます。

  • It may strike some as odd to make such a comparison, but this calls to mind situations such as when a man and a woman feel pressure from every quarter to tie the knot after an all too short courtship. Just like with marriages, we think that projects stand a much better chance of succeeding if there is none of that pressure and the two parties take longer to get to know each other.

    For companies looking for a software developer to assist them in system development, Synergy Research Corporation will sit down with them to discuss and examine which system development approach is right for them, and seek to introduce a software development house that is appropriate to their needs. If results are not immediately forthcoming, we make use of information collected using our website and other resources to introduce suitable software development houses and/or individual software developers.

    Toward this end, Synergy Research Corporation welcomes contacts from software development houses and individuals working in this field. By hosting a variety of events, Synergy Research Corporation provides an ever-wider range of opportunities for interaction with people with diverse skill sets and professional expertise, and by no means is this restricted to a domestic (Japan) audience.

    For more information, please email us using the Contact us link on this website.