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Usecase: Customer complaint handling

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All the organization’s generative AI-utilizing tasks are displayed on REDMINE’s Task List screen.

In the following, we will use the example of a generative AI-utilized task called Claims Handling. With REDMINE, select the Claims Handling task, and you will see a list of tasks as follows.

The conversation between the person in charge and the fusion AI chatbot at this stage is as follows. There is no need for long prompts or copying and pasting back and forth. Compared to the usual use of generative AI, the prompts are very concise and yet the chatbot understands the task the user wants to perform.

This section also requires that the generation of the claim response procedure be output in English for this claim only.

The ability to give exceptional instructions when there are special requirements for individual cases, as in this example, is another advantage of the natural language interface with chatbots, and such flexibility is difficult to achieve with a processing-type solution that covers up natural language.

Conversational text (Bold for user, otherwise, task assistant)

Indicate the most urgent claims.

Below is a list of high priority claims. It is presented in a tabular format.

degree of relative priorityIDsubject
high369Company A defective products (Gifu Plant)
hurriedly392Company J (Kagoshima Plant) Failure within warranty period
hurriedly391Company I (Shizuoka Plant) Misinterpretation of Technical Specifications
hurriedly386Company E (Kanazawa Plant) durability problem
hurriedly384Company A (Sapporo Plant) parts 654321 shortage
hurriedly383Company C (Fukuoka Plant) Damage during delivery
hurriedly382Company B (Hiroshima Plant) Report of coating defects
right now,368Delayed delivery of Company A’s part 12345 (Utsunomiya Plant)

Which claim handling procedures need to be developed?

Respond to ticket 368. Make the procedure in English.

The description for Ticket 368 has been updated with the following response steps in English: Initial Contact: Contact the client to acknowledge the receipt of the complaint about the delayed delivery of specific parts.

(Omitted hereafter.)

Chatbot Screen

With this simple input, REDMINE’s Task screen will display the following complaint response procedure. Since the Task Manager is a web application, this screen can be viewed in real time by the user anywhere in the world.

In addition, supplemented by user input, the system can set start and due dates for claim handling tasks and manage their progress.

If approval is needed for a claim procedure, as described above, a workflow can be implemented for this purpose.

Without the support of the task assistants and REDMINE, the above conversation would be a complicated process of copying and pasting data from one application to another before and after the conversation, and then passing the information to the next person in charge.

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