fusion AI / Two-Way RAG


Technical Specifications

Q. What technologies are integrated into this service?

A. The following technologies are integrated into this service.

  • fusion AI Chatbot
  • Open AI Assistants API
  • Microsoft Azure Open AI Service
  • Open-source issue management infrastructure, REDMINE
  • fusion AI Manipulation Modules for REDMINE
  • Various REDMINE options (plug-in, cloud services)

Q. What security measures are in place for the system?

A. For system security measures, fusion AI / Two-Way RAG utilizes the Microsoft Azure Open AI Service. By using this service, the user’s security is protected according to the Azure Open AI rules. Specifically, user prompts and responses from the AI will not be used by other users or used to train the AI. This information will be logged by Microsoft for 30 days and maintained for the purpose of monitoring abuse and eliminating harmful content. If you wish to use fusion AI in your own Azure environment, you may apply to Microsoft to be excluded from these processes. Synergy Research Corporation who provides fusion AI services will also manage confidential information in accordance with the terms of the contract with the customer.

Installation and Support

Q. How does the implementation process proceed?

A. The implementation process begins with a free consultation where users can easily discuss their issues. During the free consultation, multiple sessions can be held as needed. We will then propose a “Consulting & Requirements Analysis” proposal for application to one or more operations. At this stage, a contract is signed, and the implementation is moved to the implementation phase. Usually, cost estimation up to the operational phase can be done in this phase. Then, the issue management system, REDMINE, is introduced and configured as necessary, assistants are set up, and the assistant tools are developed and tested. Once in operation, fusion AI support team will continue to provide support for utilization and maintenance of the infrastructure and tools.

Q. How is your support system organized?

A. Once the system is operational, fusion AI support team will enter into a contract for the ongoing support and maintenance of the user. This support system is not limited to maintenance of the environment and tools already set up, but also provides utilization support including expansion of applicable operations and enhancement and expansion of existing functions. The content and grade of support will be flexibly proposed based on the customer’s requirements, and an optimal support plan will be established accordingly. This structure enables users to receive prompt and accurate assistance when technical problems or operational questions arise.

Q. Do you offer a training program?

A. Yes, a training program is provided. The training required in the initial phase is provided upon delivery of the environment and tools. This will familiarize the user with the basic operation and functionality of the system. In addition, additional training programs can be implemented upon user request. This will promote effective use of the system and further utilization of its functions.

Cost and Return on Investment

Q. How much does this service cost?

A. The cost of this service will vary depending on the grade of service provided but can be outlined as follows.

At the time of introduction, consulting & requirements analysis starts at 450,000 yen for one job and one month. Various configurations and tool development also start at 450,000 yen for one job and one month as well. Discounts are available when multiple tasks are combined.

For operational costs, utilization support and maintenance start at 50,000 yen per month. This includes support for expansion of applicable operations.

Operational expenses include a fee for the use of REDMINE. This ranges from free to about 1,000 yen/user/month. If the user company uses its own open source, there is no charge, but if paid plug-ins or cloud services are used, there is a monthly fee based on the number of users. In addition, costs based on the amount of Microsoft Azure Open AI Service usage and information infrastructure-related costs must also be considered.

We encourage you to contact us directly for a detailed fee structure and specific quotes.

Q. How is ROI calculated?

A. As detailed data on return on investment (ROI) calculations are not yet collected at this time, specific calculation methods and specific figures will be announced in the future. Typically, the profit and expense items required for ROI calculations are as follows: items specific to the fusion AI service are indicated with (fusion AI) at the end of the item name:

Initial investment items:

  1. Consulting & Requirements Analysis Costs (fusion AI)
  2. Various setup & tool development costs (fusion AI)

Ongoing cost items:

  1. Microsoft Azure Open AI Service usage fee
  2. Information infrastructure-related expenses
  3. REDMINE usage fees (from free to paid options)
  4. Utilization support and maintenance costs (fusion AI)

Profit items:

  1. Cost savings from efficiency improvements: reductions in labor, time, and operating costs (reductions vary by operation and industry, but typically range from 20% up to 70%)
  2. Increased Productivity: Increased productivity by allowing employees to focus on higher value work.
  3. Increased customer satisfaction: Increased customer satisfaction through improved speed and quality of service leads to increased repeat business and new customers.
  4. Market Expansion: Opportunities for market expansion through the adoption of new technologies

User Experience

Q. How much has your efficiency improved using this system?

A. Specific examples of actual results in which efficiency was improved by using this system will be presented in the future, along with detailed data. In previous demonstrations, for example, a customer complaint was registered as a REDMINE issue, the complaint handling procedure was created by a generative AI, and the results were registered directly in the complaint issue to prompt action on the next process. This process significantly increased the speed and accuracy of task processing, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative work. (Use Case)

Q. What kind of user feedback do you receive?

A. For user feedback, we share some reactions from test deployments and demonstrations. As an example, a major engineering company was impressed and highly evaluated that the results of a conversation (chat) between the user and AI were instantly reflected in the task schedule. Another SaaS provider commented, “I had not known how to combine business systems and AI, but now I know that there is a way to let AI operate business systems without requiring AI to learn on a large scale. In addition, we have received feedback from consulting firms that the power of the task assistants makes prompts tremendously shorter, and that it is very useful that the results of conversations are immediately registered as tasks and can be recognized from back-end processes. This feedback provide valuable insights into how the system works in a real work environment and are important indicators for future improvements and developments.


Q. fusion AI / Two-Way RAG What are the specific services offered?

A. The fusion AI / Two-Way RAG provides services in multiple phases. In each phase, the following services are performed.

Consulting & Requirements Analysis Phase:

  1. We will review your business needs and objectives in detail to determine which operations will benefit from fusion AI.
  2. Analyze existing business processes and utilization of generated AI.
  3. We review the customer’s current IT environment and desired future system configuration to assess technical feasibility.
  4. Understand the client’s needs, including the operational structure during the operation phase, and develop an appropriate support plan.
  5. We will examine the possibility of applying the template for the work and propose a plan and estimate for the next phase of the project.

Setup Development Phase:

  1. Based on the information obtained during the requirements analysis phase, REDMINE and its assistant tools are customized and configured as needed.
  2. We will develop a customized REDMINE operating module and provide an implementation briefing tailored to your operational structure.

Utilization Support and Maintenance Contract Phase:

  1. Perform periodic maintenance of the system and resolve any problems.
  2. Provide support in the form of tool upgrades and answers to questions from users.

We provide additional services and customization as your business expands and enhances its functionality.

Thus, fusion AI / Two-Way RAG aims to provide flexible services tailored to the specific needs of its clients, offering detailed support and customization options for each phase.

Q. What additional features does this service offer?

A. The fusion AI / Two-Way RAG service offers a few additional features in addition to the basic functionality, which enhance the user’s business processes and can be customized to meet specific needs. The following is a partial list of these additional features.


AI and cloud infrastructure are essentially pay-as-you-go, allowing for seamless scaling as needed; REDMINE’s scaling is also adjustable with respect to contract-based costs, allowing the system to scale as users grow.

Linkage options:

The assistant can connect not only to REDMINE, but also to other business systems (CRM, ERP, production management systems, etc.) as needed. This allows seamless integration with existing business systems, increasing data consistency and access efficiency. Customization through optional development is also available to meet specific connectivity requirements.

Data Security and Privacy:

As described in the technical specifications, the use of Azure Open AI Service enhances data security and privacy. User data is strictly protected and managed in accordance with Microsoft’s terms and conditions.

Analytics and Reporting:

In the future, we are considering offering in-depth data analysis and custom reporting capabilities. This will enable users to gain greater business insight and make more data-driven decisions.

User Support and Training:

Detailed support and training will be provided for each phase of the project. This ensures that users get the most out of the full functionality of the system.

For more information, please contact us.

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